The Analysts Revolution

Even though the programme has ended our work has not. We have continued conversations about the need to make better use of the analytical resource in health and care, you can find recordings of these conversations on our dedicated webpage here: We have also outlined our case for change in the Analysts Manifesto below

March Newsletter

We’ve reached the end of the PHM Programme for 2019/20. However that doesn’t mean that the last few months have been quiet. Read all about it here!

January Newsletter

This month we are looking back at the final day of the Analyst Academy Phase 1, final Core Team Academy session and the webinars that we have run. But we still have plenty more planned, so take a look to see how you can get involved in what is coming up!  

November Newsletter

This month rather than looking back we’re instead looking ahead what is in store for the remainder of the year. Get your diaries ready as there is lots coming up!

October Newsletter

September was a busy month! We’ve had workshops for both the Core Teams and Analysts. We’ve shared packs for each STP/ICS highlighting health and social care spending patterns across the systems and are pleased to announce that we will doing a piece of regional analysis on End of Life Care. Read more in our October […]

August Newsletter

Things don’t stop in August! Our August newsletter contains details of everything we’re up to including our summer webinar series and how you can follow all of our Academy events.

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